Antique Museum Handicraft

Antique Furniture,Handicraft in Al Quoz

Antique Museum Handicraft

Address: United Arab Emirates
P.O. Box: 52191

Phone: +971 43479935
Fax: +971 43479729
E-Mail: Contact
Fakih Group of Companies is the World's No. 1 handicraft manufacturers and retailers, world's largest eco-friendly product manufacturers & dealers, Asia's largest small scale & cottage industry developers and world's largest women craft developers. Fakih Group of Companies is one of the leaders in the international arena of trading , manufacturing & exporting of different kinds of souvenir gifts , traditional gifts , furniture, handicrafts, lamps, decorative items, oil perfumes, frames and clothing items including Jinny Brand T-Shirts.A leading company in the world in the field of transportations, logistics, travel & tourism, consultancy, engineering & construction, coffeeshops, supermarkets, department stores, facility management and investments.
We have been developing the village people since 1994 in the field of handicrafts in different countries. We are highlighting the role of every women to preserve the tradition of each countries by providing the designs and raw materials to more than 3850 urban artisans to our 14 manufacturing countries such as UAE, India, Thailand Nepal, Indonesia, China, Burma, Vietnam , Turkey, Cambodia, Philippines, Africa & Sri Lanka. We manufacture eco-friendly products with season base available raw materials like bamboo, sea shells, stone carving, wood, clay, coir, jute and different kinds of clothing material. We are importing and dealing with a wide range of products from 27 various countries and they are traditional gifts, souvenir gifts, handicrafts, eco-friendly souvenir gifts, lamps, & decorated items, oil perfumes, handmade wooden furniture, bed & linen, Jinny brand T-shirts and a lot more.We can cater to wholesale and retail requirements with high quality products at competitive prices as we have a wide area of 72,000 sq. ft. showroom, racking system facility, computerized inventory and monitoring system for all of our stocks and enough manpower for proper movement of our business. For that reason, we have an unchallenged position in the Middle East in dealing a wide range of products in terms of quantity and variety.Our experience in systematic way of organizing, purchasing and manufacturing are also a big factor in our growth. Aside from these creativity and talents of our staffs and craftsmen are our advantage in a never-ending thirst for an exclusive item collections and quality. We are also anISO 9001:2008 certified company from UKAS Management Systems which is very significant for us to meet our customers satisfaction.

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